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Scanning – Digital X-Rays, DICOM Images printed to X-Ray Film and X-Ray Duplication Services

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Scanning x-rays, printing DICOM Images on to x-ray film and x-ray duplication is our primary business.  Not all x-ray scans or x-ray copies are created equal.  Would you prefer an x-ray copy or x-ray duplicate?  A poor x-ray copy or a poor x-ray scan is not acceptable.  Let us show you what an x-ray duplicate is.

To scan x-rays correctly demands diagnostic quality medical film scanners and software.  We scan x-rays with Diagnostic Quality Medical Film Scanners and Scanning Software at or above the American College of Radiology (ACR) standard.

MedTec Imaging offers our clients an innovative array of imaging services – x-ray scanning or duplication of radiology films from MRI, CT, mammography, sonogram and ultrasound, dental x-ray films.  We also duplicate and scan x-rays from industrial/non-destructive testing.

Digitize – Scan X-Ray Images can be burned to CD or DVD, emailed or uploaded to your server, for archival and greater overall versatility.  Digital images can be printed back to film if needed.

In our digital photo lab we can scan photographs, scan 35mm slides, scan negatives and burn the digital images to CD.  Also we can print digital images for presentations and exhibits.

MedTec also provides a broad range of audio and video services – video tape, audio tape duplication and transfer to CD or DVD.

Our vision is to help you find better ways to do great work.  We do this by consistently leading in imaging technologies, products, and services that improve your work processes and business results.

At MedTec Imaging ~ we don’t copy x-rays.  We Duplicate!

The rich heritage of MedTec Imaging is based on providing our clients with quality results and superior service.  We are building a bright future around these core principles which is augmented by a passion for innovation and adaptability.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We service clients across the USA.  We would like to hear from you.  We are at your service.


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