The Perils of Bad SEO

Many businesses small and large are approached daily with proposals and propositions on having search engine optimization work done for them.  With a deluge of calls, emails, direct mail, companies can become jaded when the time comes for them to actually choose a SEO firm.  There are a plethora of pitfalls that a company can encounter when choosing a SEO firm.  In all honesty, many SEO firms do not know what they are doing.  SEO is a skill that can take years to perfect.  For it to be done right, it can’t be done on the cheap and shortcuts can not be taken.

The concept of SEO is quite simple.  The good folks at – Seo company brampton can consult with you and steer you in the right direction.  The first aspect is to have good content on your site.  The second concept is to have have good links or hyperlinks going back to your site.  A simple concept indeed, but there are many, many things that must come together and work in concert like the components of a Rolls-Royce engine for things to work effectively.

Another major problem is that companies do not see and appreciate the full value of what SEO is and what it can do for a business.  Some companies offer their services for as little as $25 per week.  For that paltry sum, it can be guaranteed that your site will definitely not reach number one in the search engines.

The writer of this article can indeed speak from experience where that sum was offered to me in a meeting.  I got and left without saying a word.  In the words of one of the top SEO giants that I know, and I’m paraphrasing here, “how can a company expect to get more traffic to their site, an increased profit margin, and ultimately financial success by hiring a person or a firm than less than minimum wage in North America”?  You could not even pay a virtual assistant in India or the Philippines $25 per week for a full suite of SEO work to be done.

SEO is a practice that takes time and resources.  I will not discuss here every intricate detail on how a site ranks, but believe me, if you don’t spend some money to rank you site, unless you are Wikipedia, Twitter or Facebook, your site will not rank on the premise that Google espouses; just write good content and the algorithm fairies will shine down on you with good fortune and good rankings. Utter nonsense.

Be forewarned.  If you are a business owner and think you need SEO for your site, get the best SEO you can afford.  And don’t even think about paying less than $1000 per month for decent SEO.  Anything less, and you are paying for a beginner,  If you think you can outsource your SEO work to someone in a developing country, you run the risk of the ranking of your site dropping and being penalized.  Don’t toy with your livelihood.